What happens during a consultation?

Establishing good health is about treating the whole person, mind and body, not just the symptom! My approach is friendly, sympathetic and down to earth, and I will take the time to listen. I work from a comfortable and private log cabin in my back garden! It provides the perfect environment for year round consultations.  I offer appointments on weekdays and some Saturdays from 10am - 3pm. I also offer Skype and telephone appointments as well as face to face consultations.

During your first consultation I will ask about your symptoms, physical, or emotional, or sometimes both. I will want to find out about you as a person, about your medical history, and that of your family.  My aim is to uncover the cause of your ill health so I can prescribe a remedy that most closely matches your individual symptom picture. The correct remedy will stimulate your body’s own healing process.


Taking the time needed to treat you effectively means that first consultations can last over an hour.  I recommend a follow-up appointment 3 – 4 weeks later. This is shorter and normally takes around  45 minutes. A minimum of 3 appointments is recommended to see progress.


Mother & Baby

Mother and baby are energetically linked - especially when breastfeeding - so It's a good idea to treat mother and baby together. I offer special combined mother and baby rates, (up to 2 years old).


Family discounts

I offer discounts for treating more than child within a family. Please ask.


On-going Treatment

Some people continue to see their homeopath on an on-going basis for their general health & well-being. This can be more cost effective, with a guaranteed 4 consultations a year and 4 'acute' appointments if needed. See next page for rates.


When I first met Carmel and began homeopathic treatment I was sceptical as to whether it would work but having received advice and treatment for two months now I am so far delighted with the results. My son was in and out of the doctors for over a year with serious respiratory problems and I don’t think I can put it down to coincidence that since changing his diet and receiving treatment he has been a healthy child.

Mrs C.H. - Hurstpierpoint

 I have suffered badly from hay fever for as long as I can remember!  When I had my daughter and started breastfeeding I didn’t want to take any drugs so I looked to homeopathy as an alternative.  The remedies I was prescribed last summer really helped relieve the worst of my symptoms, especially the itchy streaming eyes. This year I am going to visit Carmel in the spring to give my immune system a boost well before the hay fever season starts.

Mrs E.S. - Hurstpierpoint

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